Why Cloud Thinking

We believe that each person can change their destiny and collectively the destiny of the planet. We exist because we are on a quest to change the old paradigm that approaches problems with fear and of uncertainty with a knee-jerk reaction. We see a new paradigm that uses the hidden positive energy of problems to transform them and to create new and innovative pathways to living a rich, full, meaningful and prosperous life. We believe in this for all people no matter the social level, creed or cultural background. We embrace a mindset that helps us grow into our fullest potential.

We believe each individual can do this. We believe in you.

For Whom

Cloud Thinking Programs and Coaching are for everyone who wants to achieve their full potential. We work with individuals, corporations, and community organizations and groups.

What is Cloud Thinking

Cloud Thinking is a life-skill and mindset that focuses on emerging through problems so as to turn them into innovative opportunities. The basic tenet of Cloud Thinking is that problems are launching pads for growth and opportunity. They lead us to our deeper questions and ultimately our ‘Core Element’ – the spark from which we can re-create our life journey. With Cloud Thinking you can face each day with skill and ability. Cloud Thinking Coaching is a method that uses Eight Clouds of dynamic functioning to unfold and move toward your goals.


Malcolm Hunt

Malcolm is founder of The Cloud Thinking method and system of coaching. His inspiration for this method derives from his time as a Buddhist Monk in China living and working in a small temple in the mountains near Tian Mu Mountain. It was from Guang Jue Temple that he ran mindfulness skills retreats drawing people in from many nations.

Malcolm has worked with A Place To Belong, Anglicare Mental Health Project, GROW Queensland and ARAFMI Queensland. Malcolm has been in private practice as a psychotherapist.
He has further conducted Mindfulness Skills and Cloud Thinking Retreats in China from 2008 – 2013 as well as in Osaka Japan and Australia.


Fiona Smith

Fiona Smith has a Master’s Degree in Disability Studies and a Bachelor of Social Science with majors in Counselling and Mediation; Sociology; and Community Development. Her work experience has been with the Queensland State Government in the areas of Information Management and Administrative Law; and in Community Sector Management including Mental Health, Disability Support, and Aged Care Services. Fiona brings her passion for working with people and communities.


The Eight Clouds of Cloud Thinking are the spaces where emergence and discovery take place. In Coaching and workshops we use a specially designed template for this purpose. Each Cloud challenges us. Through the crafting of strategic questions we are stimulated to move towards the answers that well up within us.


Behind each problem is a positive aspiration. The human brain is designed to think in the direction we are looking. If we look at problems, we find problems. When we look at the positive aspirations we move in a new direction. The direction we set in the beginning is critical to our outcomes.

Discovery of Core Element

Everyone, every organization and business has its core element. It is that spark which ignites us. Once we can tap into this energy we begin to unfold in the direction of what inspires us.





Mindfulness Meditation

Research has demonstrated that Mindfulness meditation enables intuition as well as helps us disconnect from unhelpful thoughts and feelings that would hold us back from achieving what we want.

Dream & Opportunity

Once we have discovered our Core Element we can begin to make meaning of how this can shape our life, organization or business. Opportunities begin to emerge as well as key thoughts.


A dream remains just a dream like an artist’s impression of a building until we begin to design the blue print. Our life design is more powerful when it emerges as powerful statements made from the meaning we have discerned from the Dream Cloud.

Values and Principles

Our Values and Principles form the compass by which we can move the design to create our destiny.


We are designers of our own destiny by how we think and behave. In the Eighth Cloud we pull together all our resources and begin the reconstruction.
However, it doesn’t end here. New issues emerge, and the cycle of emergence and growth continues. Cloud Thinking used on a continual basis enables us to be masters of our destiny and designers of a full, rich and meaningful life.

Willingness Action

The Eighth Cloud is where we take Action and at the same time are willing to make space for thoughts, feelings and urges that sometimes can pull us into the struggle and prevent meaningful outcomes.


Our Strategic Partners are Accredited Coaches and Facilitators and are dedicated to evolving Cloud Thinking in their country or community.


Melody Xiao Yin Sheung — speaks Chinese, English and German.
Contact: melodysheung@icloud.com


Mieko Takayama — speaks Japanese and English.
Contact: barbalala-mobile_777@i.softbank.jp


Emerging Proud



Cloud Thinking

This 6-hour program will introduce you to the various techniques of Cloud Thinking. These techniques will enable you to work through life’s obstacles using a new and powerful mindset.

Learn how to use Cloud Thinking for:

  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Change Management
  • Innovation
  • Personal development
  • Spiritual development

Training can be undertaken in workshop or online.

Mindfulness Skills Training

This training will introduce you to the concept of Mindfulness and teach you various mindfulness exercises to enable you to relax, dream, and to live each day in the present. You will find greater appreciation for the gifts life has to offer.

Personal Coaching and Consulting

We provide personal coaching for a range of clients. Whether you are pursuing your life goals, solving personal issues or problems, dealing with organizational or business problems, Cloud Thinking Coaching is a quality option.

  • Personal Life Coaching
  • Organizational and Business Coaching
  • Bespoke Consulting

Cloud Thinking Facilitator and Coach Accreditation Training

By undertaking this 16-hour accredited training program you will develop a suite of skills to enable you to coach others using the Cloud Thinking system. You may also facilitate the Cloud Thinking program in an individual or group setting.

As a Coach, you can expect regular support meetings on line from Cloud Thinking International. We are committed to helping you succeed in you Coaching business.

  • Regular support meetings
  • Marketing tools
  • Helping you set up networks
  • Regular In service training
  • Advertising though the International Newsletter
  • Web Page advertising

Youth Coaching Program

We aim to inspire and empower young people coming from disadvantaged settings by training young people to become accredited coaches enabling others to succeed.

Becoming a Cloud 2 Go Coach is a very rewarding and inspiring career. Not only do you have the opportunity to become an independent Coach, but you also have the opportunity to directly help many people achieve their fullest potential.

A coach may work either full or part-time and may incorporate it into their existing job or business.
There is no prerequisite to become a Cloud 2 Go Coach. We believe that C2G Coaches would have two or more of the following attributes:

  • Loves to help others grow and achieve their fullest potential
  • Teaching ability
  • An understanding why people struggle
  • A listener
  • Strategic Questioner
  • A guide – not a people problem solver.
  • Leads a life that embraces wholeness and lives Cloud Thinking.


Want to try Cloud Thinking?

Cloud Thinking International is a registered business in Australia.
Malcolm Hunt, Partner malcolm.hunt@cloudthinking.com.au
Fiona Smith, Partner fiona.smith@cloudthinking.com.au